Mobile wooden board rack

storing wooden boards or transferring them between processing steps, a mobile wooden board rack is the optimal choice.

The main components of the mobile wooden board rack are EVA slots and casters, which are used to store or transfer boards to the next processing step. The slots ensure that the boards are not scratched and can effectively improve the turnover efficiency of production and processing, saving time and space costs.

The height of the layers of the mobile wooden board rack can be adjusted to accommodate different products, and we can also provide customized design according to your requirements.

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Product Applications

Our board rack has EVA slots on the bottom and sides to protect the wooden boards, preventing the edges or surfaces from being scratched and saving you the cost of using other protective films.

The layer height of the mobile board rack can be adjusted, allowing for the simultaneous storage of products of different sizes, making them easy to identify and effectively improving processing efficiency between steps, making it easy to use.

The mobile wooden board rack is ideal for storing wooden boards or using as a turnover in the wooden board processing steps.

We have equipped the mobile wooden board rack with 4 casters, allowing you to move the boards to the designated location and quickly distinguish between the front and back sides of the boards in different production processes, improving work efficiency in production.

Product specifications

EVA grooves ensure the distance between the wooden boards, protect sensitive edges and surfaces, and distinguish between the front and back of the boards.

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