Cantilever Rack-Orack

Cantilever racking, used in conjunction with forklifts, can greatly improve the efficiency of accessing and storing lumber.

Orack is a type of cantilever racking product designed for use in wood processing factories and lumber warehouses to store materials such as timber, planks, and other long and narrow items. The standard column section size is 200 x 80 or 300 x 100, while the base section size is 200 x 40 or 300 x 50. The front of the rack is designed with an open channel for easy loading and storing of various long or large items using a forklift. The rack height can be customized based on the forklift’s operating height.

The cantilever beams are customizable, and we offer a variety of styles and sizes for easy reconfiguration to create an ideal solution for storing materials of different lengths and shapes. The cantilever racking can be used both indoors and outdoors. All storage bays are designed to be open, making loading and unloading easy. This can help reduce your handling time and costs.

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Product Applications

Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long and narrow items such as timber and planks.

Whether in a production workshop or a lumber warehouse, cantilever racks can be adjusted in height and width to store wood of different sizes and lengths.

Cantilever racking allows for layered storage, and with the use of a forklift, allows for direct access to the target wood without the need to move other materials, greatly improving work efficiency.

We can customize the height of the cantilever racking according to space height and mechanical capabilities, fully utilizing upper space and increasing storage capacity in limited space.

The single-arm carrying capacity is high, making cantilever racking suitable for storing raw materials that require processing or packaged wood ready for shipment with heavy load requirements.

Depending on the placement of your racking, single or double arm racks can be selected to fully utilize space.

Product specifications

Supports customization

L Total length of the shelf
W Total width of the shelf
H Total height of the shelf
A Length of a single set of shelves
B Cantilever length
N Number of cantilever layers

details of the column connection hole enlarged

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