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The beam rack is the optimal choice for storing multiple types of goods that require frequent access and are used in conjunction with pallets. It maximizes the use of the upper space in the warehouse.

Firack is assembled from uprights, beams, and self-locking bolts, which prevent loosening and ensure stability. The column clamp is designed with a safety pin to ensure that the beam does not detach. The front of the rack is designed as an open channel, facilitating the loading and unloading of various long or large items with forklifts. The rack height can be customized according to the forklift’s operating height.

The beam rack has a simple and reliable structure, is lightweight, and can be customized according to your storage space and the goods being stored. It can be easily assembled in a free-style combination, with simple and convenient operation.

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Product Applications

Beam racks are highly suitable for storing and accessing a wide range of timber products with high frequency usage, in conjunction with forklifts and other handling equipment, enabling rapid storage and retrieval of designated goods.

Beam racks are modular in design, allowing you to freely adjust the hanging height of the beams to accommodate various sizes of stored goods, with easy installation and the ability to adjust the rack configuration as required.

Additional accessories such as crossbeams, mesh decks, steel decks, back mesh, floor drag, bumper guards, warning lights, and other features can be added to fully ensure the stability of the rack and the safety of the goods.

We can custom-design beam racks that are most suitable for your warehouse space, taking into account the operating height of handling equipment to maximize the use of upper-level storage space.

With beam racks, you can choose to store goods on the ground or on the beams at the lowest level.

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