Spray Painting Platform

When dealing with small, lightweight sheets requiring paint on multiple surfaces, a spray painting platform is the optimal choice.

The painting platform is made by welding angle iron and round pipes, using dual bearings and welded round pipes to ensure good stability and a certain load-bearing capacity. The dual bearings also enable the platform to rotate freely by 360 degrees, making it easy to paint or touch up boards.

The size, shape, and height of the platform, as well as the dimensions of the base, can be customized according to your needs. The column support can also be adjusted for height, and rubber pads can be added to the platform to protect the boards.

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Product Applications

It is suitable for small and lightweight boards that require painting or touch-up on multiple sides.

The painting platform can also be used for board repairs, painting a small quantity of products, or handling special styles to improve work efficiency.

The platform can rotate freely by 360 degrees, allowing access to all sides of the object being painted or touched up, thus increasing work efficiency.

The platform is designed with dual bearings and welded middle columns for better stability and sturdiness.

We can customize the design according to your requirements, with the option of a circular or square platform, and rubber pads can be added to protect the board.

The painting platform can be used with casters, but since the platform is lightweight and easy to move, we do not recommend installing casters as it may affect the stability of the platform during operation.

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