Vertical sheet metal rack

In the processing of wood materials, the vertical sheet metal rack is the optimal choice for visible classification and quick retrieval of sheet materials.

The vertical sheet metal rack adopts a drawer-type structure design principle, mainly consisting of a main frame and drawers. It uses a dense storage mode to fully utilize space, and each drawer can be used to store different sheet materials. Equipped with movable wheels, it facilitates the retrieval of sheet materials, saves manpower, and improves work efficiency and safety.

We can tailor a vertical drawer rack suitable for your sheet size and quantity based on your needs, and the design plan is free of charge.

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Product Applications

The vertical sheet rack is ideal for visual storage and easy access during sheet metal processing, helping you quickly locate the required sheets and improve production efficiency.

Our vertical sheet rack has multiple storage units, with each unit independently storing sheets to prevent scratches during retrieval.

The dense storage mode maximizes space utilization, and vertical storage is more convenient and safer than stacking.

Each drawer of our vertical sheet rack is equipped with casters for easy retrieval and retraction, and the main frame has rolling guides to prevent derailment and collisions.

Depending on the size and quantity of your stored sheets, we can design a free vertical sheet rack storage plan that best suits your needs.

Product specifications

Supports customization

L main frame length
H main frame height
W main frame width
a drawer length
b drawer width

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