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With 21 years of production experience and technical expertise, we have established three factory areas with a total area of approximately 20,000 square meters. We possess first-class production equipment and technology, including automated cutting equipment, bending machines, CNC welding equipment, surface treatment equipment, and more, which enable us to ensure precision and quality throughout the production process.

Moreover, we adopt the lean production concept, continually improving and optimizing our production processes to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs. To meet customer demands and order volume, we have a robust supply chain network and inventory management system that enables us to provide high-quality products and timely service in the shortest possible time.

Our production team strictly adheres to the requirements of the IS09001 quality management system and the IS014001 environmental management system to ensure the quality and environmental friendliness of our products.

We offer a complete range of products, including beam racks, light-duty racks, cantilever racks, flat panel racks, turnover racks, pallets, and carts. We can also customize storage and logistics equipment using different specifications of wood according to customer needs, to meet their diverse requirements. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions, earning consistent praise from our customers.

We have a large number of non-standard customized cases. If you need references, you can consult our engineers for technical solutions.

With the continuous development of WLS, today it has a large number of wood storage and turnover cases, and customers come from all over the world. A friendly, self-service, “let’s talk” atmosphere prevails throughout.

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