detachable pallet rack

For the transportation and temporary storage of long and narrow goods such as timber, wooden beams, and planks, the detachable pallet rack is the best choice.

Dpirack is widely used in timber factories, consisting of two parts, the base and the column, both made of high-quality carbon structural steel. The base is based on channel steel, effectively controlling the quality of the shelf itself without affecting the load-bearing capacity. The detachable pallet rack is equipped with forklift channels, which can be used in conjunction with forklifts for stacking and storage. It can also be equipped with casters to make the shelf easy to move.

The detachable pallet rack allows for easy replacement and relocation of the shelves. The column is detachable and the assembly and disassembly are simple, saving space and making storage and transportation very convenient. We can also customize the product size according to the customer’s needs.

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The product is widely used in timber factories and furniture manufacturing plants, and is suitable for storing long and narrow wooden materials, such as wooden strips, beams, and planks, solving the problem of frequent material transfers.

The detachable pallet rack can be used with forklifts for turnover and stacking, or with casters for free movement. However, it is important to note that the casters are designed based on the maximum load capacity of each individual rack, as they need to be removed during stacking to ensure the safety of the goods.

Goods can be directly stacked on the Dpirack without the need for additional pallets. The bottom of the shelf is equipped with forklift channels for easy handling, and the rack can be easily moved to different positions for convenient and flexible operation.

The detachable pallet rack has flexible column disassembly, allowing for stacking when empty and stacking with a forklift when loaded, effectively and reasonably improving space utilization and making storage and transportation more convenient.

We can customize the most suitable size for you based on the goods you store and the space you have available.

Product specifications

L Total length
W Total width
H Total height

We will customize the beam rack that best suits you based on the stored goods.

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