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Many shelf manufacturers excel in producing universal shelves with standardized size, load-bearing capacity, and materials. However, our product stands out as we specialize in providing personalized solutions for customers in the wood processing industry. We understand that every customer has unique needs, so our designers and engineers collaborate closely with them to understand their specific requirements and customize the most suitable shelf products.

We offer a comprehensive range of shelf and rack systems, including cantilever racks, beam racks, stacker racks, and A-type racks, to meet your customized storage and material handling needs based on your enterprise, space, and budget requirements. Our rack systems are suitable for various building types,such as T-shaped sheds, l-beams, L-shaped sheds, open warehouses, closed warehouses, factory workshops, and more. We are committed to providing youwith the most suitable solution.

vertical storage rack
selective racking
cantilever racking
vertical sheet metal rack

We have many application cases and we know how to design shelving systems for wood processing plants.

We can provide neat, clean, and easily accessible storage solutions for various types of wood panels, including plywood, dimensional lumber, and decorative wood. Our beam shelving system can be custom designed based on the column layout of your warehouse to ensure convenient classification and access of the panels and maximize storage space utilization. We also offer flexible shelving adjustment options to match your inventory levels for different types of panels

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