The door panel hand truck

The door panel hand truck is the best choice for a single person to transport and load/unload door panels.

The door panel hand truck is a small tool for transporting and loading/unloading door panels. It replaces traditional manual handling with rolling wheels, reducing labor costs and effectively improving work efficiency. It consists of five parts: the main frame, flat support frame, steering wheel, transport wheel, and bottom support. It is processed through various techniques to fully ensure the quality of the product.

The door panel hand truck is used for transporting door panels when flat, and for installing and dismantling door panels when standing upright. It has two functions and is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport and low in cost. We can also provide customized services according to your usage needs.

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Product Applications

The door panel hand truck is ideal for single-person handling, loading, and unloading of door panels, effectively reducing manpower and time costs.

The door panel hand truck has both transportation and installation functions. When flat, it is used to transport door panels. Leveraging the principle of leverage, it can also be used for easy installation and disassembly of door panels.

The door panel hand truck is lightweight and compact. When stood upright, it saves space. It weighs no more than 12kg and is easy to carry. Additionally, the product structure is simple, which further saves costs.

This product is only suitable for single door panel use and the weight should be less than 150kg. If you have other requirements, we can also customize a suitable product for you.

Using wheels instead of traditional multi-person handling reduces the risk of injury and improves work efficiency.

Product specifications

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