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We focus on producing various materials, sizes, and load-bearing capacity shelves that meet the specific needs of each customer. Our products not only excel in quality but can also meet various special requirements such as anti-static, anti-corrosion, earthquake-resistant, and mute. We adopt advanced production technology and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that each product reaches the highest level. We pay attention to details and quality, striving for excellence in every aspect from product design, raw material selection,manufacturing to after-sales service.

We can make it convenient, fast, and safe for you to

access finished windows and doors through design.

We have a rack system that provides a handling-free solution with three stackable layers of capacity that integrates perfectly with forklifts, making it ideal for storage and job site delivery.

Customers can build jobs on an order basis, store products until delivery to the job site or customer pickup without having to handle them again. Our stackable racks offer a new way of delivery for windows and doors, where you only need to take the racks off, safely strap them onto the truck, and transport them to their destination.

We offer a turnover stack rack system suitable for pipe materials, which aims to eliminate the hassle of multiple loading and unloading of pipe materials. The dimensions, capacity, and quantity of this system can be customized according to your material size. They have foot cups at the bottom for stacking storage in conjunction with the columns. In addition, they can integrate perfectly with forklifts, making it easy to move them anytime. If necessary, casters can be added for self-movement. These columns are detachable, so they can be removed when not in use to save more storage space.

Pipe storage rack
Multi-type mobile sheet rack
Heavy Duty Board Transport Trolley
door panel hand push cart
Spray painting platform
Heavy Duty Board Transport Trolley

We can help you save costs, improve access processes, and increase the turnover rate of sheet materials per unit time.

We consider the process of taking out and delivering sheet materials on a truck as one shipment process. We offer a drive-in cantilever storage system that can help sawmill owners improve the efficiency of their shipping process. The system manages and ships sheet materials through horizontal classification and cantilever storage. The direct storage and retrieval method allows the goods to be turned only once or even no turnover is needed throughout the process.

Customers can perform picking operations according to their order requirements. With this system, the same location can reduce the number of trucks needed for shipping from seven to five.

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