Vertical sheet racks

Vertical sheet racks are the best choice for storing long and narrow items that require manual handling. Vprack is a vertical storage sheet rack that is ideal for storing small, easily deformable wooden items. The base is made of 10# channel steel and 40 square tube, and the A-shaped frame uses 90*70*1.5 beam-style shelving columns. It can store items up to 4 meters in length, and the beams have blocking welded on them for easy categorization and retrieval.

Vertical sheet racks are customizable, with a variety of sizes available for easy reconfiguration to accommodate different materials. The racks allow for easy categorization and retrieval, reducing processing time and increasing efficiency.

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Product Applications

The Vprack is ideal for storing slender and easily bendable wood, with vertical storage to prevent material warping when placed on shelves.

The Vprack has multiple storage units to accommodate various types of materials, enabling easy manual operation and quick access.

Considering the height of the warehouse and ease of access, the height of goods stored in the Vprack is recommended not to exceed 4m for optimal work efficiency.

The Vprack is commonly used in small and low-height warehouses for convenient management, wider vision, and higher utilization.

Made of high-quality carbon steel, the base and A-frame of the Vprack are welded for strength and durability, and the cantilever has the characteristics of lightweight structure and good load-bearing capacity, with a single-arm bearing capacity of about 500kg.

We provide the Vprack with interception chains to prevent goods from tipping over, and adjustable columns to adjust the spacing and number of partitions as needed.

We can customize the design of a vertical sheet rack that best suits your wood storage needs based on your site and load requirements.

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